Technology Transfer

Our commitment is to make possible your
export project...
  • Design/redesign/translate product/service:  brochure,technical manuals, proposals, contracts and marketing or promotional material.

  • Identification of technical and legal compliance requirements needed for implementation of a product/service in other countries.

  • Identification of business opportunities and marketing strategies. (Governmental, non-governmental and private sector opportunities)

  • Consultancy to transfer the rights of use (production and/ or marketing) of a technology to existing business or to new business created specifically to produce and market your technology.

  • Guidelines to protect your technology, product or service. (Patents, Copyright, Intellectual Property) .

T&T Training

Design/ redesign/ translate and PROVIDE training about your technology, product or service.

Develop webinars to promote your technology or for training purposes.


Develop business meetings, events and showrooms to support all marketing activities of your technology.